Introducing The Minimalist Witch

The Minimalist Witch is a term I came up with awhile back. It held such a powerful meaning but I was unsure of how to use it. Through a series of healing events, and even more events that ripped my heart wide open, I fell in love with minimalism. Being from America, my entire life has been flooded with reasons to feel like I don’t have enough. My body isn’t enough. I don’t do enough. I need more. I need to feel better. I need. I want. I want.We live in a world so overinflated with things, yet so lacking in meaningful experiences and self love.

    In my mind, being a witch simply means that you are your own healer. I was able to heal myself by coming to terms with the fact that I will always be okay, regardless of the things that I have. The things that we put so much value on, actually have no value. By relieving ourselves of all of the stuff, we make more room for healing, loving, sharing, and expressing ourselves in our truest form. I will be sharing my experiences, things that work for me, and things I will leave behind. I hope I can bring even a small amount of relief by sharing. 


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