Crystals and minimalism

Crystals have always been a huge part of my healing and self care regimen. The first crystal I received was actually from a client at work. It was a clear lemurian quartz and was SO potent. I was hooked from there on out. I had accumulated quite a collection after a while. I had my favorites and the ones that I felt most connected to and others that just began to sit there and look pretty. Although, I’m sure they were doing work that I was not even aware of, I just didn’t feel as close to some. It finally occurred to me that I could give them away! It felt good to give them good homes with people who were meant to have them and weren’t just frivolously buying them as I had. Witchy gifts are the best gifts!

More on cleansing and charging…

There are hundreds of ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. I truly believe that bringing your crystal into an environment that brings you joy will charge it. I once brought a clear quartz to a Beyonce concert. I swear I could feel that goddess energy for at least a month after. My favorite and most conventional way to cleanse my crystals is to rinse under cold, clean water while imagining a white or irridecent light over them. You can also use sage/ and or Palo Santo. I recommend saging first, as that rids them of bad energy and then follow with Palo Santo which fills them with good energy. You can also bathe them under the moon rays. This is one of my favorites, as I live by the cycles of the moon. (More on that to come) Follow your cleansing with an intention for your crystal. Do some research online and find out what your crystals energy is most useful for and follow up with your own specific job for each crystal. This is as simple as saying a prayer or writing it down in a journal. I find that writing things down has been the most powerful way of setting intention.

Remember to not leave your crystals in the sun for too long, as they can fade and become damaged. 

I’m sure I will cover a lot more ground as this blog progresses, but for now I’m just getting in to the swing of things. I’m not used to writing! If you have any topics you’d like to read about or questions feel free to email me at

Blessings and crystal visions,



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