Plants as medicine.

This is a topic that I wish I could say more about. I hope to master this subject at some point in my life. For now, I can say that plants, alone, can heal. Physically and mentally. This week has been a tough one. Not sure if it’s that impending solar eclipse, or that Mars is in Aries, but I have not been myself. If you deal with anxiety and/or depression you know that the most important things for you to do during a downward spiral are also the hardest. Growing up I used alcohol, food, and shopping to cure my mental ailments. They didn’t cure them. They actually made them worse. But, typically those things are still the first that come to mind for me when I’m feeling down. As I retrain my brain and learn more about myself, humans, spirituality, mother earth and the moon, I see how important it is to just GET OUTSIDE when I’m down. This week the most I could do was sweep the back yard in my pajamas in between bursts of bay area rain storms. Trust me when I say, just that did wonders. I made friends with an earthworm, smelled the fresh air, and gazed at the clover. It was magical. Small experiences like that, followed by a cup of herbal tea heal me. And always deep breaths. My goal is to start herbalism school in a year. I will have plenty of more information for you when that begins! 

For now, your prescription is to leave your house, find some trees or grass or flowers and just be with them.

Pro tip: Eat more plants! Specifically greens.

Plant blessings,


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