New moon musings

The new moon has always been my favorite phase. She is dark, strong, and powerful regardless of what sign she is in. It is a time to conjure and create. It’s a time to reflect and look inward. Once that glimmer of her new golden face arrives it’s time to make shit happen. Everything that you had thought up is time to be put into action. The new moon is also a time to start fresh. I love this idea of life not being linear. Every new moon we start again with a new intention. I new chance to begin again.

That said, I like to take a lot of time to myself around this moon phase. I will usually medititate and write my intentions, dreams, and goals down. I usually will write images, scents, sounds that are resonating with me at that time. That brings us to the sign of the new moon. This new moon is in Pisces, which is one of my favorites. Pisces is dreamy, nurturing, and full of love. She also can bring some tears, but for me they are usually amorous ones. So harness that energy! Or whatever energy she brings up for you. 

Simplify your day. Connect with you. Treat yourself on this new moon. She is always here to help us connect to our highest selves and manifest our dreams.

Pisces love and moon blessings,


Image by MysticMamma


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